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Comparative Medicine

Relocating & Transfer Between Protocols

All animal transfers have to be requested via VSATS

  • If animals are not experimentally naïve anymore, a description of previous experiments performed and a reason for the transfer must be included.
  • All transfer cages must be labeled by the PI or personnel.
  • CM will inform the requesting PI whether or not the transfer has been approved and will transport the animals if they are being moved to another room or facility. To ensure delivery, transfer orders must be received 48 hours in advance.
  • If it is during a holiday week, allow the Comparative Medicine staff ample time to plan those deliveries in advance.
  • Research staff will be notified once the animals have been moved and must inspect the animals to verify that expected specifications are met. If mistakes are encountered inform CM customer service staff as soon as possible.
  1. Download the Animal Transfer Form.
  2. Originating “current owner” PI (now acts as a Vendor) completes the left side of the form.
  3. Receiving “new owner” PI completes the right side of the form.
  4. Submit the Animal Transfer Form (hardcopy) to Comparative Medicine
    Comparative Medicine will create all new forms, check protocols (active protocol, species, number of animals, pain level) and enter the data.
    Note: Animals should not be moved from one cubical/room to another without Comparative Medicine approval
    1. Adjust the census
      Your census
      1. Enter a “-“ and the “(number transferred)” under the “Transfer” column for the date transferred
      2. Adjust the Total of animals appropriately
      New census (when completed by Comparative Medicine)
      1. Enter a “+” and the same number of animals under the “Transfer” column for the date transferred
      2. Adjust the Total of animals appropriately

 Last Modified 11/9/16