Purchasing's Staff Areas of Responsibility

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Admissions Judy Stanwyck 297-2608
Alumni Sean Cunningham 297-3874
Arts and Letters Jerry Feierstone 297-3082
Athletics - Grounds Maintenance Steven Saposnik 297-3045
Broward Campuses Shanna Longa
Budget Judy Stanwyck 297-2608
Business Services Philippe Dubois
Campus Recreation Philippe Dubois 297-3087
Career Development Sean Cunningham 297-3874
Center for Complex Systems Philippe Dubois 297-3087
Center for Electronic Communications Sean Cunningham 297-3874
Center for Environmental Studies Philippe Dubois 297-3087
Child Care Center / Karen Slattery (ERCCD) Sean Cunningham 297-3874
College of Business Philippe Dubois 297-3087
College of Education Sean Cunningham 297-3087
College of Engineering Philippe Dubois 297-3087
College of Nursing Philippe Dubois 297-3087
College of Science Philippe Dubois 297-3087
College of Medicine Philippe Dubois 297-3087
Community College Relations Judy Stanwyck 297-2608
Controller Judy Stanwyck 297-2608
Co-op Education Sean Cunningham 297- 3874
Creative Services Jerry Feierstone 297-3082
Development Sean Cunningham 297-3874
Equal Opportunity Programs (EOP) Judy Stanwyck 297-2608
Enterprise Computing Services Sean Cunningham 297-3874
Environmental Health & Safety Steve Saposnik 297-3045
Facilities Planning Steve Saposnik 297-3045
Financial Affairs Judy Stanwyck 297-2608
Financial Aid/Student Employment Sean Cunningham 297-3874
Florida Israel Institute Steve Saposnik 297-3045
Foundation Jerry Feierstone 297-3082
Graduate College Sean Cunningham 297-3874
Henderson School ( ADHUS) Sean Cunningham 297-3874
Housing Jerry Feierstone 297-3082
Human Resources Judy Stanwyck 297-2608
Office of Information Technology (OIT) Sean Cunningham 297-3874
Inspector General Jerry Feierstone 297-3082
Institute of Government (IOG) Philippe Dubois 297-3087
Institutional Effectiveness and Analysis Sean Cunningham 297-3874
Instructional Services Sean Cunningham 297-3874
International Programs Jerry Feierstone 297-3082
International Student Services Philippe Dubois 297-3087
Library Philippe Dubois 297-3087
Lifelong Learning Society Judy Stanwyck 297-2608
Mail Center Philippe Dubois 297-3087
Minority Student Services Jerry Feierstone 297-3082
Northern Campuses Philippe Dubois 297-3087
Ocean Engineering/Sea-Tech Philippe Dubois 297-3087
Physical Plant Steve Saposnik 297-3045
Pine Jog Jerry Feierstone 297-3082
Police/Traffic & Parking Philippe Dubois 297-3087
President Judy Stanwyck 297-2608
Property Judy Stanwyck 297-2608
Registrar Judy Stanwyck 297-2608
Research, Division of Jerry Feierstone 297-3082
Student Activities Jerry Feierstone 297-3082
Student Affairs Jerry Feierstone 297-3082
Student Counseling Center Jerry Feierstone 297-3082
Student Government Jerry Feierstone 297-3082
Student Health Philippe Dubois
Student Union Philippe Dubois 297-3087
Students with Disabilities Jerry Feierstone 297-3082
Telecommunications Sean Cunningham 297-3874
Testing & Evaluation Philippe Dubois 297-3087
Today & Beyond Wellness Program Sean Cunningham 297-3874
Undergraduate Studies Sean Cunningham 297-3874
University Administrative Services Jerry Feierstone 297-3082
University Advancement Jerry Feierstone 297-3082
University Architect Steven Saposnik 297-3045
University Counsel Jerry Feierstone 297-3082
University Ombudsman Philippe Dubois 297-3087
University Provost Judy Stanwyck 297-2608
Utilities Steven Saposnik 297-3045

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