Workday Change Order Requests


Effective Monday, 11/16/2015, Change Order Requests in Workday will be submitted using the web form below and on the Purchasing Forms menu.  When complete simply click Submit to email the form to the Purchasing Department for processing.

Signatures on the new Change Order Request forms are not required.  Purchasing will make the PO changes, scan and attach the request form to the CO in Workday.  The Change Order will route to for all the necessary electronic approvals and budget checking, including: 

    • Spend Category Manager
    • Cost Center Manager
    • Project Manager & Project Billing Specialist
    • Departmental Approvers
    • Grants Manager
    • Research Accountant

Managers and Approvers will see the Change Orders as a Purchase Order with a Version # for approval in their Workday Inbox and can access the attachments to view the original CO request. 

After 11/16/2015, t he current Ad Hoc Requisition process with the Change Order Request requisition type will no longer be used.  All Change Order requests initiated prior to 11/16/2015 using the Ad Hoc Requisition feature will be processed and do not require re-submission of the request.

Revised form, includes FY 2017 option:

  Change Order Request Web Form

 If you have any questions please contact the Purchasing Department @ 561-297-3080.

Please view the Job Aid for Change Order Requests .






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