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FAU Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Gary Perry

Dr. Gary Perry (bio)

Interim Provost and Chief Academic Officer
(561) 297-3061


Academic Affairs Leadership

Diane Alperin

Dr. Diane Alperin (bio)

Vice Provost
(561) 297-3068


Dr. Michele Hawkins (bio

Associate Provost for Assessment and Programs
(561) 297-4365

Anthony Abbate

Anthony Abbate  (bio)

Associate Provost for the Broward Campuses
(954) 236-1285

  Eliah Watlington

Dr. Eliah Watlington  (bio)

Associate Provost for the Northern Campuses
(561) 799-8531

Herbert Shapiro

Dr. Herbert Shapiro (bio)

Assistant Provost for Lifelong Learning
(561) 297-3171

  Victoria Brown

Dr. Victoria Brown (bio)

Interim Assistant Provost for eLearning 
(561) 297-4850


Dr. Jennifer Peluso (bio)

Assistant Provost for Student Success


TBA (bio)

Executive Director of Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
(772) 242-2298


Provost's Office Staff Members

Erma Bennett

Erma Bennett (bio)

Assistant to the Vice Provost
(561) 297-3068

  James Capp

James Capp (bio)

Special Assistant to the Provost
(561) 297-3061

Magda Chojna

Magdalena Chojna (bio)

Director of Business and Financial/Auxiliary Services
(561) 297-4344


TBD (bio)

Administrative Staff Assistant

Larry Glick

Lawrence Glick (bio)

Senior Associate General Counsel for the University
(561) 297-3007



Geoffrey Johnson

Geoffrey Johnson (bio)

Assistant to the Associate Provost for Assessment and Programs
(561) 297-4365

  Rochelle Prince

Rochelle Prince (bio)

Academic Budget Director
(561) 297-0884

Summer St Jour

Summer St. Jour (bio)

Senior Administrative Assistant
(561) 297-3062

  Kathleen Wright

Kathleen Wright (bio)

Coordinator of Academic Personnel
(561) 297-2084



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