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“Inside FAU” – March 2009

From President Frank T. Brogan

It’s President of Florida Atlantic University.  I have got a great opportunity not only to have been a student of this fine institution but has mentioned also her president.  I am here today at the wonderful Wimberly Library of Florida Atlantic University I have the opportunity to talk to all of you a little bit about our present budget situation and in future segments we will have the opportunity to talk about other facets of this great university where these words headed in the future.  These are very difficult economic days for all of us at Florida Atlantic University and of course all of us in the country but we want you to know that Florida Atlantic University even though were making those difficult decisions today we are going to do it in the way that will see that were organized for the future.  Currently we are over 27,000 students at FAU, nine great colleges undergraduate and graduate programming and certainly a budding research portfolio that seems to be growing with the year.  Great partnerships are bounded Florida Atlantic University and our award-winning faculty and our outstanding students and our service oriented staff continued to make this a jewel in the crown of the State University System.  So while we deal with these budget reductions we know that were basing all of it on maintaining high quality service to our students, continuing to support world-class faculty and creating change for the better with the 21 st Century of Florida Atlantic University.  We have already trimmed $20,000,000.00 from our budget at FAU.  We are cutting now $12,000,000.00 during this fiscal year and we have just received word that that will increase to an additional $15,000,000.00 during the next fiscal period.  All of this comes from a $500,000,000.00 total budget at FAU but even more only from approximately half of that as it relates to State dollars both into vision and State subsidy which makes (inaudible) from which were reducing even smaller and therefore more difficult, the highway wind doing this well.  Of course the obvious sweeping working on travel freezers and hiring freezers we have been carefully scrutinizing the way we look at our programming opportunities and activities and how we drive services at FAU and so thus far we tried to maintain the classroom, the laboratory as our number one priority will continue to do that.  But at the same time these additional cuts are getting more and more difficult.  We are predicating our position on the fact that while reducing our budget at the same time we are going to reorganize Florida Atlantic University for the future and make sure that we are not just surviving these budget reductions in this tough fiscal period but that when we come out the other side we do so as a new university dedicated to the future for our students or faculty and our staff.  To that end we are looking at continuing to reduce administrative lines we are scrutinizing every academic program at Florida Atlantic University for liability and efficiency.  We are looking at the way we are organized currently with seven campuses and sites and recognizing that the number of duplicated services that we are providing both academic and support need to be paired back for the future to ensure that we are not only meeting the budget reductions but again to make sure that we do more than survive but flourish in the future.  So at the end of the day it is easy to see that everyone’s life will be affected by these budget reductions.  In some ways through program reduction, in other ways through choices that was difficult as program closure and perhaps even lay off.  But all of this again is being based on the ideal that the future of this university is more important than anything else.  I will try to keep all of you apprise as to how this is evolving over time as we go to the board of trustees with these budget recommendations for the future as we continue to take ideas and suggestions for both in and outside of the university as to how ably we can create greater efficiency and productivity about how we might reorganize and redesign ourself but at the end of the day as I know has been the case of Florida Atlantic University these decisions will be made together as a family no matter how difficult it might be.  Again I want to thank everyone for what they do at Florida Atlantic University and will come back you again from other sites and locations around FAU as we continue to examine inside Florida Atlantic University.  Thank you.


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