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FAU Resident Takes Part in ‘Miracle on Meadows Road’


FAU Resident Takes Part in ‘Miracle on Meadows Road’

When a wonderful thing happens against all odds it’s sometimes called a miracle. That’s exactly what a very grateful family is saying about the recovery of a new mother whose heart stopped for 45 minutes – and then started again – as an FAU medical school resident played a role in the miraculous events.

The drama took place in September at Boca Raton Regional Hospital shortly after Ruby Graupero-Cassimiro gave birth to a healthy baby girl by C-section. A rare type of embolism caused her heart to stop. She had no pulse for 45 minutes as doctors and nurses worked feverishly to revive her with defibrillator shocks and chest compressions.

One of the first responders was Dr. Shawn Iverson of FAU’s Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, who is carrying out a residency at the large Boca Regional complex on Meadows Road. He was part of what even seasoned medical professionals are calling a miracle: Just as all seemed lost, Mrs. Graupero-Cassimiro’s heart started beating on its own. She emerged from the experience with no after-effects – except a dream-like memory of having seen her late father, who told her “it wasn’t her time.”

“This was such a dramatic and inspirational case, and I feel privileged to have been part of the incredible team at Boca Raton Regional Hospital,” Dr. Iverson said. “This experience is invaluable as a new resident and really speaks to the quality of the hospital and FAU’s internal medicine residency program.” What a fantastic way to start a career in medicine!

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