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Journal of Public Procurement

A scholarly journal sponsored by
The National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc.,
The U. S. General Services Administration,
The UNDP/Inter-Agency Procurement Services Office, and
Florida Atlantic University Public Procurement Research Center
Published by PrAcademics Press

Statement of Purpose

The peer-reviewed Journal of Public Procurement (JoPP) is dedicated to the study of public procurement. JoPP is to publish manuscripts in all areas of government procurement, including general, new theoretical developments, results of research that advance understanding of fundamental public procurement, important practical innovations and developments. JoPP, published by PrAcademics Press, is the NIGP journal of record. Like NIGP, JoPP’s purpose is to build a professional community of scholars and practitioners interested in improving efficiency, equity and transparency in public procurement. JoPP welcomes unsolicited manuscripts from all sources.

Editor-in-Chief: Khi V. Thai, Ph.D., Professor, School of Public Administration, Florida Atlantic University. E-mail: thai@fau.edu.
International Procurement Editor: Jan Telgen, University of Twente, Holland. E-mail: j.telgen@sms.utwente.nl.
Procurement Law Editor: Steven L. Schooner, GWU Law School. E-mail: sschooner@law.gwu.edu.
Practitioners’ Corner Editor: Robert E. Lloyd, U.S. Department of State. E-mail: LloydRE@state.gov.
Book Review Editor: Wendell C. Lawther, University of Central Florida E-mail: lawther@mail.ucf.edu.
Copy Editor: Paula Altizer, PrAcademics Press
Artistic Designer: Loy Nguy, PrAcademics Press

Editorial Board

Donna Beach, National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc.
Attila Chikan, Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration
Guy Callender Curtin University of Technology Business School ( Australia)
David A. Drabkin, U.S. General Services Administration
Andrew Erridge, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland
Stephen B. Gordon, Nashville/Davidson County, Tennessee
Johan Van De Gronden, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
Christine Harland, University of Bath , United Kingdom
Barbara Johnson, City of Columbus, Ohio
Steve Kelman, Harvard University
Wendell C. Lawther, University of Central Florida
Ira Lewis, Naval Postgraduate School
Susan A. Macmanus, University of South Florida
Lawrence L. Martin, University of Central Florida
Cliff Mccue, Florida Atlantic University
Joseph A. Pegnato, U.S. General Accounting Office
Gustavo Piga, President, Consip S.p.A., Italy
Jack Pitzer, City of Alexandria, Virginia
Jon Quah, National University of Singapore
Christine M. Tonklin, United Nations

Editorial Policy

Published four times a year, JoPP is a refereed journal. It concentrates on the development of theories and concepts, and the dissemination of practical innovations and developments so that the field's boundaries can be established. The cognate areas constituting the focus of this publication are disciplines which concern how to enhance equity, efficiency and transparency in government procurement.

Practitioners and scholars are encouraged to submit manuscripts to the journal. Papers--whether empirical, field study, conceptual development, or practical innovation or experience--should help to serve the need for more active communication and greater exchange of thought, research and practical experiences among scholars and practitioners throughout the world. Appropriate topics for papers include purchasing technology, purchasing building construction services, purchasing public works projects, purchasing energy in a deregulated environment, purchasing and its role in strategic planning, total cost of ownership, electronic commerce, buying vs. leasing, bench-marking, procurement cards, automated procurement systems, and other innovative ideas and practices in government procurement.

Priority will be given to papers having carefully developed methods, insightful conceptual development, and practical and analytical solutions to public procurement problems. Interdisciplinary approaches are welcome.

Directions for Featured Theme Proposals

Inquiries about, and proposals for, editing a special journal issue on a featured theme should be sent to Professor Khi V. Thai, Editor-in-Chief at Thai@fau.edu.

Manuscript Submissions

  1. All manuscripts should be submitted to Professor Khi V. Thai. Authors are encouraged to submit electronically their manuscript to: Professor Khi V. Thai, Editor-in-Chief, at thai@fau.edu.
  2. Only original papers will be accepted, and copyright of published papers will be vested in the publisher. The general format of the manuscript should be as follows: title of article, names of author, abstract, and text discussion.
  3. The abstract should not have more than 100 words. Whenever possible, the text discussion should be divided into such major sections as INTRODUCTION, METHODS, RESULTS, DISCUSSION, ACKNOWLEDGMENTS, and REFERENCES. Manuscripts should be submitted typed, double-spaced, on one side only. The entire typing area on the title page should be four and one-half inches wide by five and one-half inches long. The major headings should be separated from the text by two lines of space above and one line of space below. Each heading should be in capital letters, centered, and in bold. Secondary headings, if any, should be flush with the left margin, in bold characters, and have the first letter of all main words capitalized. Leave two lines of space above and one line of space below secondary headings. All manuscripts should be left- and right-hand margin justified.
    • ACKNOWLEDGMENTS of collaboration, sources of research funds, and address changes for an author should be listed in a separate section at the end of the paper after the section on References.
    • EXPLANATORY FOOTNOTES should be kept to a minimum and be numbered consecutively throughout the text and aggregated in sequence under the heading NOTES, at the end of the text but before REFERENCES.
    • REFERENCES should be in the APA manuscript style of citation, and aggregated in the alphabetical order at the end of the manuscript under the heading, REFERENCES.
  4. For detailed guidelines, please contact Professor Khi V. Thai at thai@fau.edu.

Subscription Information

Please visit www.pracademicspress.com for current information

JoPP is published four times a year. The subscription rate for Volume 5, Issues 1-4 (2005) is as follows:

  Printed Electronic
Individual/Government Rate: $175.00 $150.00
Institutional Rate: $350.00 $300.00
Foreign Postage $10.00  

All orders must be prepaid by personal check (Please mail payment with your order to PrAcademics Press, 21760 Mountain Sugar Lane, Boca Raton, FL 33433), or credit card by visiting www.pracademicspress.com.

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