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PPRC Strategic Plan - 2013-2017 and Beyond

The Public Procurement Research Center was conceived to address a growing need for providing education and research, thus enhancing and empowering a growing and increasingly complex public procurement profession. Guided by its theme, “Building Bridges – Our Gateway to the Future”, the PPRC, generally, and the staff, individually, forged new ground. Through a commitment steadfast and consistent with its values and philosophy, the PPRC evolved into its present mission of delivering quality research, increasingly advanced educational opportunities, and continued professional development.

Where We are Now

Today, the PPRC has become the global leader in the public procurement profession by delivering certificate educational programs to individuals located not just across the United States but worldwide. A solid foundation exists. Additionally, quality research exploring both theoretical constructs as well as practical knowledge are provided to the Center’s various stakeholders. Furthermore, professional development programs are provided to various individuals and organizations encompassing leading aspects and processes. As the profession has grown, bridges have been built, while complexity and planning have accelerated the need for varying and focused public procurement applications. These demands mark the beginning of a new day for the Public Procurement Research Center.

Where We are Going

A new mantra, “Where Value Opportunities Abound” marks the focused and renewed commitment the PPRC delights in providing all customers of its educational, research-driven, and service programs. A new zeal concentrating on collaboration and comprehensiveness in the approach to public procurement will provide an opportunity enabling the PPRC to lead from the front effectively positioning the overall profession as a leadership discipline tailor-made for excellence and ready, willing, and able to resolve the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Innovation and collaboration will lead the Center to the creation of a comprehensive system of public procurement delivered through two initiatives: the creation of the PPRC Ecosystem and Procurement360. Both initiatives will provide a sustainable competitive advantage positioning the Center as the premier and cutting edge provider of education, service, and research. The end result of the two initiatives is designed to contribute value and opportunities to our stakeholders. Our stakeholders will be invited to collaborate and assist in defining the PPRC Ecosystem and Procurement360 Initiatives. Such collaboration and assistance will afford value opportunities for our own stakeholders to utilize the Center in order to grow and achieve their own objectives whether they be individual or organizational. Over the course of the next two years, the PPRC intends to be recognized as the world’s ‘best in class’ Research Center in Public Procurement in higher education simultaneously pushing into uncharted theoretical territories while strengthening the integration of academia and practice through application.

The Public Procurement Research Center will become a multidimensional, dynamic, and virtual Center enabled to respond to stakeholder needs anywhere in the world. The PPRC will assist stakeholder organizations and associations in education programs targeted to the uniqueness of their structure, focus, and governance. Moreover, obtaining and maintaining relevant and leading edge research delivering measurable value will enable our stakeholders to perform at exceptional levels. The Center will provide education, research and customized service programs designed to meet the needs of stakeholders domiciled in three regions: the Americas, Europe Middle East and Africa (“EMEA”) and Asia-Pacific (“APAC”). The future success of the Public Procurement Research Center lies in our uniqueness and mirrors identically our stakeholders’ abilities to respond to their stakeholders. Both the Center and stakeholders will share a common bond. The PPRC has the potential to be strategically positioned to do better than any other procurement research center in the world.

How We Will get There

The Public Procurement Center Strategic Plan provides the flexibility allowing the Center to grow into the strategic plan while possessing the depth of perspective and breadth of vision required for future sustainable success. The PPRC will deliver on its future through three externally-oriented pillars consisting of Education, Research, and Service. Internally, the Center will concentrate on six managerial areas including strategic objectives or key activities we need to perform, tactics, short-term goals and priorities, action items, balanced scorecard, and execution of the plan.

The three externally-oriented pillars represent collaboration and comprehensiveness in delivery and performance. All three are designed to drive revenue for the Center by providing value to our stakeholders/customers, build reputation and brand equity, and industry positioning. The common denominator with which the Public Procurement Research Center will provide education, research, and service program offerings will also serve as the unit of analysis: Organization Type. Sheer complexity is defining the expanding field of public procurement around the world and the Center intends to leverage Organization Types as the basis for its PPRC Ecosystem and Procurement360 initiatives.

Public procurement encompasses all organization types and activities. Of particular focus are the burgeoning areas involving governmental/public sector purchasing such as the 29 nonprofit categories of organizations, hybrids, partnerships, special districts, public pension funds, state, provincial, local – municipality and county, federal governments, treaty driven organizations, cross-border, Nongovernmental Organizations (“NGOs”), trade pacts, living labs, historic preservation, small and medium sized enterprises, technology incubators, social and business ventures, utilities, public works, infrastructure, cooperatives, industry specific coalitions, temporary pass-through organizations and professional associations, amongst others.

Organization types will provide the impetus for our current education certificate programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as a platform for the collaborative stakeholder exploration of expansionary, enhanced, and customized tiered certificate programs. The Research Pillar, through the creation of Procurement360, will consist of an umbrella type program providing a comprehensive approach to both theoretical and applied research areas. The horizontal line will consist of organization type driven research and the vertical stack will represent various procurement research silos such as green, sustainable, e-procurement, no bid, lean thinking, matched funding and opportunity, infrastructure public-private partnerships, social work, human resources and internships, and others. The overall view is to juxtapose public procurement research to the organization type leading to a burgeoning, focused, and relevant undertaking.

Undergirding the research and education certificates programs will be the third and final pillar, Service Offer Programs. The PPRC intends to provide customized targeted programs to each organization type, association, and other stakeholder-specific customer combining elements of all three pillars into ‘bundled offers’. Additionally, the PPRC contemplates formation and creation of stakeholder populated advisory committees/boards specializing on events and research and education for very specific areas of public procurement and/or organization types. Furthermore, monthly webinars will be conducted commencing in January 2014 focusing on education and insight into specific areas of public procurement.

The six managerial areas including strategic objectives or key activities we need to perform, tactics, short-term goals and priorities, action items, balanced scorecard, and execution of the plan represent internal performance measurement mechanisms designed to ensure the PPRC is either exceeding, meeting, or partially meeting its objectives. Short-term goals and priorities will be divided into time periods such as 1-, 3-, 5-year plans; 30-, 60-, 90-day action items with start and end dates, and the balanced scorecard will encompass 5-10 goal related measures for performance. Execution will consist of the Operating Plan.

The Public Procurement Research Center 2013-2017 and Beyond Strategic Plan is designed to enable the Center to be recognized worldwide as the place Where Value Opportunities Abound.

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