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Request a Police Report

Police Reports

To obtain a copy of a police report (non-traffic crash) that was recently completed, a Public Records Request Form will need to be completed and submitted to the University Police Department. Please have the following information available prior to submitting a request: FAUPD Case #, date of occurrence, location, offense, person(s) involved, as well as the name, telephone and address information of the person submitting the request.

Public Records Request Forms can be obtained online or in-person. Upon completing the form, submit in person or for your convenience, requests can also be e-mailed to or faxed to (561) 297-4888. Once a request is submitted and approved, it can be sent via mail, fax, e-mail or picked up at the University Police Department during normal business hours. Faxed copies will be limited to 3 pages.

Additionally, copies will only be held for 30 days from the date of the request.

To complete a Public Records Request Form, click here.PDF

*Forms must be filled out completely prior to submission to the University Police Department.


Traffic Crash Reports

As part of our participation in the CARFAX Police Crash Assistance program, all crash reports for Florida Atlantic University Police Department are now available for purchase online. You’ll save a trip to the Police Department, postage, or a phone call when you buy from our new online accident report distribution site. You can access accident reports right online, 24/7, by visiting

Accident reports for hundreds of police agencies can be downloaded at, so be sure to bookmark the page.

To learn more about CARFAX Police Crash Assistance and or to set up an account to be billed monthly, please call 1-(800) 990-2452.


 Last Modified 11/8/16