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Motorcycle Unit

Motorcycles have served as valuable resources in the law enforcement profession since their inception in the early 1900s. Because of their maneuverability and response capabilities, motorcycles provide a wide array of services and functions for law enforcement agencies to include traffic enforcement, patrol duties and police escorts. The Florida Atlantic University Police Department first established the Motorcycle Unit in the early 2000s and subsequently reintroduced the unit in May of 2016.

Motorcycle Officers are required to possess certifications and receive extensive training in addition to standard law enforcement training requirements. Officers qualified for the Motorcycle Unit are required to attend and successfully pass a four-week motorcycle training program prior to assignment to the Motorcycle Unit. After completion of the training program, Motorcycle Officers are required to attend follow-up training to maintain proficiency.

The Motorcycle Unit has a focus of traffic enforcement but more importantly, promotes driver safety education by attending various University events that are held throughout the year 

The Motorcycle Unit is currently part of the Investigations & Community Relations Section of the Florida Atlantic University Police Department.

 Last Modified 1/11/17