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Investigations & Community Relations

The Investigations Section is staffed by sworn and non-sworn members. It is commanded by a sworn member holding the rank of Lieutenant. The Crime Prevention/Community Relations member holds the rank of Sergeant; the two investigators are sworn members who hold the position of Detective and a non-sworn member who is the Department’s crime analyst and evidence custodian. The section is staffed and operational Monday through Friday between 8:00am – 5:00pm, and responds as needed on evenings, nights and weekends with an On-Call Plan as agreed upon within the Collective Bargaining Agreement. This section is located on the Boca Raton campus of Florida Atlantic University in the Campus Operations Building (CO-69). Thieves Beware

It is responsible for the following: Criminal Investigations, Special Investigations - Internal Affairs and Citizen Complaints, Pre-employment background checks and investigations for the Division of Public Safety, Evidence storage and maintenance and crime analysis, and Crime Prevention Services & Community Relations

The Crime Prevention & Community Relations component of the Investigations Section provides educational programs on a variety of topics to the Florida Atlantic University community and conducts Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) site surveys for Florida Atlantic University. This component of the Investigations Section is also responsible for sponsoring the Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) training course for women. This is a course that is offered to the community on a year round basis each semester and helps individuals develop and enhance the options of self-defense during an attack as well as provide situational awareness to prevent at-tacks.

As of February 2015, the Crime Prevention component launched a community project called “Owls Night out with the Five-O” with the goal of raising awareness and building community relations. This night of empowerment is de-signed to foster a working relationship with our faculty, staff and students. It was a collaborative effort with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, the Florida Highway Patrol, the Boca Raton Police and Fire Departments, Metro Taxi, SmartWater CSI, Rape Aggression Defense, FAU Housing and Residential Education and the American Council for Criminal Justice.

This component is also responsible for going to local police academies and the college of criminal justice as well as career fairs to recruit potential suitors for law enforcement positions. We have actively engaged with our very own students and have hired several FAU students that have now become police officers with our agency as well as those who have moved on to other local, state and federal agencies.

For more information about our crime prevention programs, click here.

 Last Modified 10/23/18