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Published 09/2014 

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FAU Police Department Badge  University Police Extra Duty

The Florida Atlantic Police Department provides a supplementary service to the public by allowing uniformed officers to engage in extra duty police work.  This may include police officers assigned to special events, traffic control at constructions sites, or special escorts. The FAU PD Extra Duty Office coordinates contracts with private citizens, businesses, and organizations in need of the services of an off-duty police officer. 


Special Event Registration

Department Name (Internal)
or Organization (External)

Point of Contact




     Mailing Address




Banner Fund/ Index Code for the requesting Department
(FAU Internal Departments Only)

Accounts Payable Information
(Person responsible for paying the invoices for the organization or department)

     Contact Name

     Phone Number

     Email Address

Event Information:

     Event Title:

     Description of event:
      Known Risks, Time doors open, etc.

     Event Dates

     Event Times (Start and Finish)  

     Number of Participants

     Location of Event
     (Building and Room #)

     Type of Service:

Event Security



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