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Clery Act Statistics

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Published 09/2014 

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Don't walk alone on Campus at night.

Call the Night Owls for a free escort.

University Police

Property theft is the number one crime at Florida Atlantic University

Most crimes are crimes of opportunity

  • Don't leave your office unlocked.

  • Keep your items with you, even if you're just going to be gone for just a second.

  • Lock your bike to a bike rack.  An unlocked bike is an invitation for a quick getaway.

  • Register your bike with the Police.  It's quick and free.

Make use of the Campus Blue Phones.   These phones are positioned around campus to assist students and staff.  These phones call directly into the police department and, besides emergencies, can be used to request directions, a jump start or help if your keys are locked in your car.

Residence Hall Safety

The Public Safety Department is working hard to keep our campus safe but it needs your help to reduce thefts and keep others from becoming victims.

Campus thieves are usually interested in:

  • Credit cards, cash and checkbooks

  • Tapes, televisions and compact disc players

  • Books and bookbags

  • Bicycles

Most likely crime sites:

  • Residence Halls during break periods & while you are in class

  • Libraries & Dining Facilities when bags are unattended

  • Athletic Facilities when valuables are not secured in lockers

  • Academic buildings


  • Do not prop doors.

  • Lock you room windows and doors.

  • Draw curtains and shades at night

  • Avoid leaving notes on our door that says you're not in. It is a welcome mat for thieves.

  • Keep valuables hidden or out of sight.

  • Trust your instincts and call University Police immediately when suspicious people are around. 

Report suspicious activity to the University Police Department.

297-3500 (7-3500 from a campus phone)

Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies.

 Last Modified 7/14/14