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Published 09/2015

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Don't walk alone on Campus at night.

Call the Night Owls for a free escort.

University Police

Broward Partner Campuses

Uniformed patrol officers respond to emergency and non-emergency calls for service, taking and investigating criminal offense reports, enforcing all traffic and criminal statutes under Florida law by arresting and/or citing those found violating them, emphasizing crime prevention, and engaging in active patrol to detect and deter criminal activity. Broward Patrol Car at the Higher Education Complex Patrol officers and security officers are assigned to one of three shifts. Officers patrol on foot, in cars, and on bikes in order to optimize the public's access to them, as well as the officers' ability to detect and deter crime. Officers are sometimes deployed in plain clothes to target specific types of offenses (liquor violations, drug abuse, etc.).

Fort Lauderdale : 954-762-5120

Davie : 954-236-1140

Boca Raton : 561-297-3500

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