Phi Kappa Phi History

The Florida Atlantic University Chapter was installed as the 128th chapter of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi on the 29th of May in 1971. The purpose of the chapter is to recognize, promote and reward scholastic excellence in all fields of academic endeavor.

The driving force in creating our chapter was Dr. Barry J. Hersker, Professor of Marketing, although Dr. Hersker always gave most of the credit to a student named Edward Krause who kept urging him to start a chapter at FAU. Signing the original charter were Professors: Barry J. Hersker, Carl W. Knox James P. Latham, James B. Montgomery, John M. Scheidell, Robert Schwarz, Voncile M. Smith, Howard, N. Little, Kenneth R. Williams (FAU President) , and Edward W. Krause (student).

The chapter recognizes academic excellence through our initiations. The first initiation ceremony inducted some 25 students from a student body of about 4,000.

The chapter promotes academic excellence through our occasional speaker program and other special programs. As the only campus-wide honor society recognizing and promoting achievement in all academic disciplines, the Provost’s office, under the guidance of Dr. Jack Guistwhite, Director of Academic Affairs, adopted the chapter in 1980 and provided some administrative and financial support for programs.

To reward academic excellence, the chapter provides scholarships. Since 1989, the chapter has offered up to $10,000 in scholarships each year to outstanding students regardless of academic discipline.

In 2005, under the direction of three past chapter presidents, Drs. William Stronge, Ronald R. Shultz and Eric H. Shaw, a $10,000 endowment fund to support chapter scholarships was created.

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi
Presidents of the Florida Atlantic University Chapter
1971 Barry J. Hersker 1972 Barry J. Hersker 1973 Barry J. Hersker
1974 Gary A. Luing 1975 Gary A. Luing 1976 Jammes B. Montgomery
1977 James B. Montgomery     1978 Walter R. Courtenay, Jr. 1979 Walter R. Courtenay, Jr.
1980 Carl W. Knox 1981 Douglas S. Gaitlin 1982 Douglas S. Gaitlin
1983 Roy B. Levow 1984 Marilyn (Floyd) Federico 1985 Marilyn (Floyd) Federico
1986 Sam Clark 1987 Sam Clark 1988 Eric H. Shaw
1989 Eric H. Shaw 1990 Karl Ijams 1991 Karl Ijams
1992 Allen E. Smith 1993 Allen E. Smith 1994 Carla Coleman
1995 Linda Wiler 1996 Linda Wiler 1997 Karl K. Stevens
1998 Karl K. Stevens 1999 Ronald R. Schultz 2000 Ronald R. Shultz
2001 Barbara A. Ganson 2002 Barbara A. Ganson 2003 Mary Ann Gosser Esquilín
2004 William Stronge 2005 Mary Ann Gosser Esquilín 2006 Mary Ann Gosser Esquilín
2007 Mary Ann Gosser Esquilín 2008 Mary Ann Gosser Esquilín 2009 Mary Ann Gosser Esquilín
2010 Mary Ann Gosser Esquilín 2011 Mary Ann Gosser Esquilín 2012 Mary Ann Gosser Esquilín
2013 Mary Ann Gosser Esquilín 2014 Mary Ann Gosser Esquilín 2015 Mohammad Ilyas
2016 Mohammad Ilyas 2017 Nancy Poulson 2018 Mary Ann Gosser Esquilín

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