EU concerned over detention of human rights lawyer in Iran

Nasrin Sotoudeh faces charges such as espionage as Tehran continues to stifle dissent

The European Union has expressed serious concerns about the continuing detention of Nasrin Sotoudeh, the prominent Iranian human rights lawyer who is serving a five-year jail sentence.

Sotoudeh was arrested in June amid a crackdown on defence lawyers representing cases deemed sensitive to the country’s national security.

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Nebraska carries out America's first execution using opioid fentanyl

Fentanyl – which has central role in America’s overdose epidemic – used to kill Carey Dean Moore despite widespread objections

Nebraska has carried out the first execution in the US using fentanyl, the opioid painkiller that killed Prince and has a central role in America’s overdose epidemic.

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Gui Minhai: doctors visit kidnapped Hong Kong bookseller in China

Swedish foreign minister welcomes medical help for publisher who may have neurological condition

China has allowed a Swedish doctor to examine publisher Gui Minhai, a Chinese-born Swede who vanished into Chinese custody in January in murky circumstances for the second time.

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What God has not joined together: the rise of the humanist wedding

Secular marriages are now the most popular in Scotland, prompting fresh calls for reform in England and Wales

Robyn Hewatt and Andrew Downie were married with all the trappings of a traditional Scottish wedding: Hewatt’s father walked her down the aisle; she had maids of honour and Downie had a best man. A piper played at the door.

But there was no priest, minister or registrar to lead the ceremony. Like thousands of Scots, Hewatt and Downie were legally married by a humanist celebrant. For the first time last year, in what was once a famously religious country, the Humanist Society of Scotland married more people than the Church of Scotland.

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China denies violating minority rights amid detention claims

UN panel says 1m ethnic Uighur Muslims being held in internment camps in Xinjiang

China has denied claims made during a UN panel last week that authorities are suppressing the rights of Muslim minorities in the west of the country in the name of fighting terrorism.

A Chinese delegation told a UN human rights panel on Monday that China had launched a “special campaign” to crack down on “extremist and terrorist crimes”, but no specific ethnic or religious groups were being targeted.

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UN human rights chief: Trump's attacks on press 'close to incitement of violence'

Exclusive: Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, who steps down this month, says US president’s rhetoric echoes that of the worst eras of the 20th century

Donald Trump’s anti-press rhetoric is “very close to incitement to violence” that would lead to journalists censoring themselves or being attacked, the outgoing UN human rights commissioner has said.

Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, a Jordanian prince and diplomat, is stepping down this month as UN high commissioner for human rights after deciding not to stand for a second four-year term, in the face of a waning commitment among world powers to fighting abuses.

In the 20th century … feelings were stoked, directed at a vulnerable group for the sake of political gain

(March 1, 2011) 

I would be very suspicious of any commissioner seeking a second term because I’d wonder what deals are being struck

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Boris Johnson must face full inquiry, Muslim leaders tell May

Islamophobic incidents have increased after Johnson’s burqa remarks, says MCB

Britain’s largest Islamic organisation is writing to Theresa May to demand Boris Johnson be subject to a full disciplinary inquiry, saying no one should be allowed to victimise minorities with impunity.

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) said Islamophobic incidents had spiked since Johnson’s controversial article was published a week ago and therefore the Conservative party process needed to go beyond its initial stage.

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Arrest of Shahidul Alam is an attack on rights in Bangladesh | Letters

Signatories including Joseph Stiglitz and Binayak Sen condemn the treatment of photojournalist Shahidul Alam

The arbitrary arrest by Bangladeshi police of Shahidul Alam, an internationally recognised photojournalist, has outraged the world community (Photographer arrested over ‘provocative comments’, 7 August; Editorial, 9 August) and must be rectified immediately. This action is in serious breach of conventions of international human rights, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the international covenant on civil and political rights, and the international covenant on economic, social and cultural rights.

Alam has been detained by the police. The one and only reason he was arrested is that he gave an interview to al-Jazeera in which he expressed views critical of the Bangladeshi regime’s brutal repression of public demonstrations in Dhaka, and had allegedly posted equally critical statements on Facebook.

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Cameroon to investigate mass killing in northern village

Video shows security forces shooting at least 12 unarmed people, according to Amnesty

Cameroon’s government has said it will investigate a video that, according to Amnesty International, shows security forces shooting at least a dozen unarmed people in the far north of the country where they are battling Islamist militants.

Amnesty said in a statement it had verified the video through witness testimony, satellite imagery and analysis of the weapons, dialogue and uniforms. It said the video was shot in the village of Achigaya at an unknown date before May 2016.

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Saudi Arabia and Israel are killing civilians – and Britain is complicit | Owen Jones

The slaughter in Yemen and the Palestinian territories is happening with British arms and support – and media silence

Will not even the massacre of children in Yemen end the silence over the murderous complicity of the British government? They were little kids on a bus on the way back from a picnic, no doubt laughing and raucous as large groups of children tend to be, and then they were burned to death. At least 29 children were among the 43 slaughtered, an atrocity perpetrated by the aircraft of Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies.

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