Funding for the Leon Charney Diplomacy Program is provided by generous donations from the South Florida community.  All students receive a scholarship to defray the costs of participating in Nationals. Substantial donations are acknowledged with scholarships honoring the donor(s).

For information about establishing a named Leon Charney Diplomacy Program scholarship, please contact Jeffrey Morton at

Donations at any level may be contributed by clicking HERE.

   2018 FAU Leon Charney Diplomacy Program


Group A

From left to right:   Annalisa Tran (Arvid & Kathleen Johnsen) Maria Hasbun (Leon Charney) Elijah Bamberg (Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters) Jared Branscum (Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters) Viktor Knurov (Jupiter Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) Alejandra Rodriguez (Jupiter Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) Jessica Ziadie (Jupiter Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) Jessica Metzler (David Moscow) Anne Silva (Leon Charney) Arielle Saddik (Lawrence Reich) Ayesha Khan (Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters) Andrew Fahmy (Leon Charney) Marlon Watson (Mitch Warner Memorial) Catherine Jimenez (Danielle Gallock Memorial) Elizabeth Paniello (Janice & Michael Barry) Rebekah Durante (Leon Charney)


Group B

From left to right:   Ashley Amian (Les & Judy Fishman) Gregory Lee (Victor & Janice Romley) Lucia Barnes (R.A. Ritter Foundation) Danielle Orr (Ronald and Joyce Heller) Jake Ray (Jupiter Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) Andres Fonts (Stan Engle Memorial) Marina Cregan (Jupiter Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) Zachary Shane (Leon Charney) Maya Stemen (Robert A. Metzler) Seamus Maloney (Murray & Ina Pitt) Morgan Moser (Murray & Ina Pitt) Christopher Shepler (Ronald and Joyce Heller) Daniela Larez (Stan Engle Memorial ) Andres Rodriguez (Stan Engle Memorial)


Group C

From left to right:   Tyler Radenbaugh (Leon Charney) Jessica Malinowska (Stuart & Sharyn Frankel) Brian Kaam (Leon Charney) Dalina Laffita (Jupiter Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) Elise Gonzalez (Leon Charney) Cheska Bernard (Stuart & Sharyn Frankel) Michelle Herman (Mitch Warner Memorial) Marina Badder (Dr. Judith L. Leitner Memorial) Raul Muniz (Jack Fishman and Marvin Helf) Veronica Teek (R.A. Ritter Foundation) Gabriella Washington (Peace, Justice & Human Rights Initiative) Rebecca Mayoh (Robert A. Metzler) Shantelle Campbell (Jupiter Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) Adya Amina Ali (Stan Engle Memorial) Ada-Nicole Sanger (Jupiter Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) Isabela Ribeiro-Ochoa (Stan Engle Memorial) Carl Bird (Peace, Justice & Human Rights Initiative) Idia Enogieru (Danielle Gallock Memorial) Joseph Cruz (William & Mary Ann Edwards)



Not pictured: Nicole Brand, Sophia Gedroc, David Quintana, Talia Rodriguez, Ellie Vilakazi, Alexa Menashe, James Burns, Anais Diaz, Maria Hasbun, Jeffrey Coltman-Cormier, Andrea Bozkurt.

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