Funding for the Leon Charney Diplomacy Program is provided by generous donations from the South Florida community.  All students receive a scholarship to defray the costs of participating in Nationals. Substantial donations are acknowledged with scholarships honoring the donor(s).

For information about establishing a named Leon Charney Diplomacy Program scholarship, please contact Jeffrey Morton at

Donations at any level may be contributed by clicking Establish a Named Scholarship.

   2016 FAU Leon Charney Diplomacy Program

Stan Engle Memorial
Arvid & Kathleen Johnsen
Danirah Downs
Alexa Menashe
Janice & Michael Barry
Robert A. Metzler
James Burns
Alicia Arias
Dr. Judith L. Leitner Memorial Scholarship
Jeffrey Coltman-Cormier
Lifelong Learning Society Jupiter
Idia Enogieru
Timothy DiTocco
Elise Gonzalez
Jack Fishman and Marvin Helf Les & Judy Fishman
Jessica Malinowska
Crystal Mahannan
Stuart & Sharyn Frankel
Anais Diaz
Murray & Ina Pitt
Danielle Gallock Memorial
Mitch Warner Memorial
Sama Kahook
Amorandah Ferris
Cheska Bernard
William & Mary Ann Edwards
Maria Hasbusn
Leon Charney
Brian Sapp
Nicolas Smith
Ellie Vilakazi

Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters
Clint Streicher   Giorgina Sortino   Claudia Schmucker   Brian Kaam
R.A. Ritter Foundation
R.A. Ritter Foundation
Shannon Nicolas
Camille Caro

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