Center for Holocaust and Human Rights Education (CHHRE)

Grade 9-12 Learning Goals Suggested Readings

We recommend these books for either class sets or literature circles. Clicking on the picture of the book will link you to a web page where you can read about the book and what reviewers say. To order books for your class, please go to our Online Lending Library and follow the directions.

The 9-12 framework focuses on the following issues and concepts:

  • the vitality of Jewish life in Europe before 1933 in Germany/1939 Europe
  • sources of anti-Judaism and antisemitism in Europe
  • sources of racism and eugenics movement in US and Europe
  • impact of World War I and the rise of National Socialism in Germany
  • impact of prejudice on public policy regarding minorities
  • loss of civil liberties/disfranchisement/economic expropriation/deportation/concentration/genocide
  • failure of international community to constrain Germany 1933-1939
  • relationship between the progress of the war and the decision for genocide
  • Jewish resistance during the Holocaust
  • refugee crisis prior to 1930
  • Displaced Persons/refugee crises after 1945
  • Human Rights and Genocide after the Holocaust
  • from memory to action: standing against genocide today

 Last Modified 11/30/16