Rina Bousalis

Assistant Professor
Teaching and Learning

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Email: rbousalis@fau.edu

Rina Bousalis is an Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education at Florida Atlantic University. Her research interests include immigration, multiculturalism, human rights, and United States history. Dr. Bousalis was previously a High School Social Studies Teacher in Tampa, FL, an Elementary School Teacher in Tampa, FL, and an Adjunct Instructor at the University of South Florida, Tampa, FL where she earned a doctoral degree in Curriculum Instruction with specialization in Social Science Education, a master’s degree in Curriculum Instruction with specialization in education, and a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. In addition, she holds A.A. degrees in Art and Design from Academy of Art and Design, Chicago, IL, and in Business Merchandising from St. Petersburg College, Clearwater, FL. She has authored articles for peer-reviewed journals such as Social Education, The Social Studies, Social Studies Research and Practice, and Multicultural Learning and Teaching, and presented at national conferences.

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