PJHR Announces New Affiliates for 2016

PJHR is pleased to announce new Affiliates for 2016. The Faculty and Staff Affiliates are draw from six colleges and one University-wide unit.


Ilene Allgood, College of Education

Eileen Ariza, College of Education

Yashwant Bhagwanji, College of Education

Rina Bousalis, College of Education

Gwendolyn Carey, College of Education

Gail Choate, College of Arts and Letters

Jacqueline Fewkes, Honors College

Sheryl Gifford, College of Arts and Letters

Michael Hammer, College of Business

Eric Hanne, College of Arts and Letters

Ashley Kennedy, Honors College

David Kumar, College of Education

Kevin Lanning, Honors College

Susanne Lapp, College of Education

Ben Lowe, College of Arts and Letters

Jason Mireles-James, College of Science

Bryan Nichols, College of Education

Andra Opalinski, College of Nursing

Frantz Pierre, Center for E-learning

Yasmine Shamma, Honors College

Nancy Stein, College of Arts and Letters



 Last Modified 11/30/16