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Peripheral Sexualities


Program - Final

Hosted by the
Dept. of Languages, Linguistics and Comparative Literature
Florida Atlantic University
Raton, F lorida

April 18 - 19, 2014




This symposium proposes to examine discourses that produce, express, and represent various peripheral sexualities in Hispanic cultures. We understand peripheral sexualities as any non- normative erotic or sexual manifestation, including licit sexualities (those carried out with the other’s consent) and illicit sexualities (nonconsensual, resulting in physical or psychic damage, etc.). The fluid historicity of peripheral sexualities, driven by their dynamic transfor matio ns,   dis placements,   and reformulations throughout history, suggests that they resist the limiting definitions imposed by

psychiatry’s nosological classifications. Indeed, many peripheral sexualities appear in the Latin American and Spanish traditions long before science began to systematically categorize the practices, having been produced, interrogated by, and represented through discourses of colonialism, slavery, imperialism, and more recently are shaped by the forces of globalization, migration, and post humanism, among other influences. We invite scholars to contribute papers that foster new critical dialogues on the artistic, literary, and linguistic forms through which these sexualities have been articulated and on the new centers that peripheral sexualities often establish in the evolution of human sexuality, societal norms, and creative uses of language.

Keynote Address:

José Colmeiro

Prince of Asturias Chair in Spanish

University of Auckland, New Zealand


Please submit via email:
a 300-word abstract in English or Spanish &
a contact information page
( name, institution, email, phone number, paper title)
to conference organizers:
Nuria Godón (ngodon@fau.edu)
Michael Horswell (horswell@fau.edu)
January 15, 2014


Selected papers will be considered for possible journal publication



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