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Lynn, Wold, and Schmidt Peace Studies Fellowship

The Joan Joseph Scholarship:

The Joan Joseph Foundation offers for 2015-2016 academic year scholarship of $500 each to an eligible student whose work demonstrates support and continuous interest in the area of peace studies. Preference will be given to undergraduate students, although proposals from graduate students will also be considered. Applicants must be residents of Palm Beach County and enrolled at least half-time (minimum 9 credit hours per semester), have a minimum GPA of 3.0, have a demonstrated financial need, and be degree seeking (graduate or undergraduate).

The recipient of the scholarship is required to: (1) attend at least two (2) events organized by Peace Studies and/or Peace Studies Student Association; (2) belong to an organization that promotes peace; (3) show in other ways how they have been/can be effective in peace making; (4) at the end of the scholarship period submit a written narrative to the director of Peace Studies showing how the scholarship helped them further the mission of the Peace Studies program; (5) offer a public presentation of their work to FAU faculty, staff and student community, the Joan Joseph Foundation board members, as well as community at large interested in the Peace Studies Program, and; (6) attend an awards luncheon. Applicants are also strongly encouraged to become members of the Peace Studies Student Association (Douglas McGetchin, dmcgetch@fau.edu ).

  Applications should include:

- A 500 word essay or poem expressing a vision for world peace and/or the advancement of global human rights.

- A letter of application which describes how the funding will assist their education or co-curricular efforts. The letter should also demonstrate peace and/or humanitarian efforts by explaining participation in related activities during high school and/or college, stating the academic year in which they occurred.

- A letter of recommendation from faculty at FAU. The letter writer should address her experience with and knowledge of the applicant, the student’s commitment to the core values of peace studies, and an overall assessment of the student and their work and character.

- An unofficial transcript.

-  A proof of residence in Palm Beach County.

By March 30, 2016 applicants should ensure that their application packets are complete. All materials should be submitted electronically to: Dr. Renat Shaykhutdinov ( rshaykhu@fau.edu )


The Chastain-Johnston Middle East Studies Grant
($5,000 for a graduate student)


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The Chastain-Johnston Course Development Grant 
($2,000 for a faculty member)

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