Peace, Justice and Human Rights Certificates

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Peace Studies Conference

One of the most effective means of generating scholarly and public attention towards peace studies is through the organization of academic conferences.  Toward that aim, the Peace Studies Program hosts, funds and organizes meetings of scholars, policymakers and public intellectuals that examine any of a number of peace themes, dilemmas and opportunities. 

In 2002, the International Conference on the Balkans brought together policymakers, diplomats, military officials and academics for a two-day conference that re-examined the Balkan wars ten years after their commencement.  High-ranking U.S. military officials, Ambassadors and accomplished scholars presented research on eight panels. General Sir Rupert Smith, retired Deputy Supreme Allied Commander-Europe, provided a keynote address at an evening dinner for conference participants, university faculty and members of the public. 

Select papers presented at the conference were assembled into an edited volume that is published by Palgrave Macmillan Press (January 2004).

In 2004, the Bringing Peace to Troubled Regions conference was the Peace Studies Program's first collaborative effort with the university's Lifelong Learning Society.  The event featured two keynote addresses.  United Nations Under-Secretary General Gillian Martin Sorensen spoke on the role of the United Nations in promoting regional and global peace.  Former U.S. Ambassador (South Africa, Nigeria) Princeton Lyman of the Council on Foreign Relations spoke on the challenges and opportunities of promoting peace in the current global environment. 

In addition, three regional experts examined the prospects of promoting peace in Latin America, the Balkans and the Middle East.  Professors Harry I. Chernotsky (University of North Carolina-Charlotte), Jeffrey S. Morton (Florida Atlantic University) and Fulbright Scholar Mustafa Abu-Sway (al-Quds University) served as regional experts.

Bringing Peace to Troubled Regions took place on Thursday, January 8 on the Boca Raton FAU campus and Friday, January 9 on the Jupiter FAU campus.

The 2005 conference focused on human rights from a variety of perspectives.  Speakers included Thomas Walker (Albany University), Timothy Steigenga (FAU Honor's College), Winston Nagan (University of Central Florida), Cynthia Laramore (Citizen's Action Group).  The keynote speaker was Robert Trocme, Director of the Summer University on Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Human Rights: Critical Perspectives took place on Thursday, January 13 on the Jupiter campus and Friday, January 14 on the Boca Raton campus.

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