Meter Information


Multispace Meter Rates

Coins NOT Accepted
$1 per hour

Maximum you can pay
the meter is $10 for 10 hours


Only vehicles without a FAU permit will be allowed to park at the meters. You may not park at a malfunctioning meter. If you have a problem with a meter please feel free to contact the office at 561-297-2431.

Meter 2013

How to use a multispace meter

  1. Note space number you parked in
  2. Press any key on keypad
  3. Enter space number
  4. Choose Purchase Ticket or Add Time
  5. Press number on keypad to select options:
    1. Metered $1 per/hr
    2. Departmental Code
    3. Make payment with either credit card or cash (No change given)
  6. Please take receipt (Retain receipt in case you need to add time)

How to add time to your meter*

  1. Press any key on keypad
  2. Enter space number
  3. Choose Purchase Time or Add Time
  4. Enter add time number located on receipt
  5. Make payment
    *This option is only available if your time has not expired

You can locate the multispace meters at different locations around the campus. Please click here for a map showing the locations of the multispace meters on campus.

Lot 7 (Alumni Center / Office Depot Center)
Lot 15
Lot 16 Visitors (Testing and Evaluation / Student Support Services)
Lot 19 Library
Lot 27
Administration Circle
Palm Beach Plaza

Single Space Parking Meters

Rates for the single space meter

$.05 for 3 minutes
$.10 for 6 minutes
$.25 for 15 minutes

On each meter there is information on how long you can pay the meter for. Please do not overfeed the meter. You will not obtain the extra time paid for or receive a refund. Single space meters are enforced 24/7.

Single space meters are located in

Lot 1 South end
Lot 8 North of the Gladys Davis Pavilion
Lot 9 Front of Education
Lot 13 Oxley Center

 Last Modified 11/8/16