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 Parking and Transportation Services would like to make you aware of the following policies that will be in effect on game days. All resident permits and lot restrictions will remain in effect on game days. All guests must obtain temporary parking permits prior to game day or be subject to parking game day parking fees.

Resident Lot access during Game Days

Please be advised that during game days access to and from all resident parking areas will be limited during the  4 hours prior to kick off.

For HPT, IRT,GPT and residents of Algonquin

Access to lots 21, 22, 23 and 24 will be limited due to road closures (see below). These closures require all residents to enter campus via the NW 13th Street entrance to access the parking lots.  

For Student Apartment residents

Access to lot 60 can be made via East University Drive. The preferred entry and exit to campus should be made via NW 20th Street.

For IVA Residents

Access to lots 31,33,34,35 and 36 will remain unchanged, however entry to and from campus should be made via NW 20th Street.

Game day road closures

Please note that 4 hours prior to kick off the following road closures will take place:

Brevard Court will be closed to all inbound traffic from Glades Road. Indian River Street will be closed between West University Drive (Old Broward Ave) and Dade Avenue. North University Drive (Old Lee Street) will be closed between FAU Blvd and Volusia Street. FAU Blvd will be closed between North University Drive (Old Lee Street) and PBSC Drive.

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 Last Modified 11/8/16