How2FAU Parent Success Conference
2018 Date TBD

The How2FAU Parent Success Conference is for incoming parents interested in learning how to be of support to their college student. As a student begins their collegiate journey, parents find that the change from parent to guide/mentor becomes challenging. This program aims to provide additional support to parents who are interested in learning how to best assist their college student.

Learning Outcomes for Parent Success Conference

  • Recognize the needs of students new to FAU as they begin their FAU experience including classes and available academic support resources.
  • Become successful facilitators for their college student through the understanding of how to help students in their first year at FAU.
  • Learn how your student is growing and maturing into independent adults.
  • Understand the residential education curriculum and how parents play a role in the development of student living.
  • Become informed on campus safety and how to assist your student in safety, self-awareness and campus resources.
  • Gain a better understanding of parenting a college student through parent to parent conversation
  • Assist students in developing a plan for student involvement/engagement and career planning

This program is FREE for parents and families to attend.






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