Opportunities for Involvement


Fall Parent and Family Weekend Committee

Fall Parent and Family Weekend is a great excuse to come visit your son or daughter as well as experience FAU’s campus life, athletics and social activities. The activities for the weekend include a wine and cheese reception, the Bi-Annual OPA meeting, tailgate, football game and family brunch. This committee assists the Office of New Student Orientation & Transfer Transition Services (NSOTTS) with Fall Parent and Family Weekend events.


Homecoming Committee

Parents are welcomed to the university to participate in some of the homecoming festivities. The OPA participates in the Homecoming Parade, enjoys Fall Family Fest, and hosts a tailgate prior to attending the football game. The Homecoming committee is involved in parade and tailgate planning.


Spring Parent and Family Weekend Committee

The OPA uses this weekend to focus on the family by hosting a family event such as bowling, a family lunch, the Bi-Annual OPA General Meeting where FAU’s Campus Housing Dept. will give parents insight on the housing room selection process for the upcoming academic year, attending FAU Athletics’ home games such as men’s and women’s basketball and baseball, and much more! The committee plans the events of the weekend with the NSOTTS Office.


Summer Send-Offs Committee

Summer Send-Offs are hosted in various regions throughout the state of Florida and beyond. Incoming students and parents to FAU come together in the same area to network with each other just before school starts in the Fall semester. It is a great opportunity for students to make new friends to share in their university experience together. Parents often exchange phone numbers at these events to create a network of parents to call upon throughout the year for rides to Boca, package delivery, emergency services, and much more! This committee secures Summer Send-Off hosts and assists the NSOTTS Office with planning.


Mentor Program Committee

The purpose of the OPA Mentor Program is to welcome incoming families to our family at FAU and guide parents throughout the school year. Current OPA members are available via e-mail or telephone to incoming Freshman parents after each orientation session and throughout the year to offer guidance to their students’ FAU experience. The OPA Mentor Team also assists with Summer Send-Offs and the Parent’s Academy. Mentors are members of the Membership Committee.


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee serves to develop and coordinate programs and activities that are designated to enhance Parent Association membership, focusing on recruitment and retention.

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Marketing/Public and Campus Relations Committee

The purpose of this committee is to build relationships with the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce, FAU Athletics, FAU Alumni Office and community business partners. The committee assists the NSOTTS Office with marketing efforts on behalf of the OPA to include brochures, updating the OPA website, Parent’s Calendar, OPA apparel, and OPA give-aways.

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Interested in serving on a committee? Please email owlparents@fau.edu.

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