Campus Clarity Hold

To remove this registration hold from your account, visit and complete the course called “Think About It” by logging in using your FAU email. For questions, please email or 561-297-1048.



What is Campus Clarity?

Campus Clarity (Think About It) is an online module about sexual assault that all FAU students are required to take by the end of their first semester here. This course discusses the interconnected issues substance abuse, sexual assault, and healthy relationships as well as the resources available through the university.


Why do I have to take it?

Sexual violence is a national epidemic impacting 26% of college women, 7% of college men, and 23% of trans students. In an effort to address this issue, laws passed under Title IX and the Violence Against Women’s Act require that federally funded universities provide education on sexual violence prevention to all students. At Florida Atlantic University, we offer Think About It by Campus Clarity to all incoming students in compliance with federal regulation and as a priority to promote campus safety.


I don’t have an email about Campus Clarity.

Campus Clarity auto-generates email invitations and reminders that contain the link needed to access the course. You may access these emails by typing the course “Think About It” in your search bar. If you are unable to retrieve this email, please contact Owls Care at to have a new link sent to your FAU email.


How long does it take?

Think About It takes roughly 2 to 2.5 hours to complete.


When will the hold come off?

Hold are automatically removed every hour on the hour, upon course completion, between the hours of 6am and 11pm.


I don’t have time to complete the course now. Can you take the hold off so I can register and I will complete the course later?

No. The course is offered in compliance with federal mandates and requires completion for the hold to be removed. The course was assigned when you enrolled for courses during your first semester. A completion due date was posted in your invitation email. Holds are placed on the accounts of students who fail to complete the course prior to the assignment due date. We do not make exceptions for late completion.


I am having technical issues with the course.

For all technical related issues (i.e. unable to get in, the course kicks you out, etc.), please contact Campus Clarity directly. Their tech helpline number is: 1-844-348-1616.


I completed the program, but I still have a hold.

Holds are removed between the hours of 6am and 11pm, every hour on the hour. If you complete the course after 11pm, you must wait until the next business day, starting at 6 a.m. for the hold be removed.

 Last Modified 12/17/19