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Owl Perks Card Program General Information

There’s never been a more exciting time to be an Owl, and we invite you and your business to join the adventure! Our new Owl Perks Program lets local businesses like yours capitalize on your proximity to campus while helping to build a sense of pride, community spirit and support. Our goal is to promote local-area businesses that agree to provide a discount of their choosing to FAU students, staff, faculty and alumni who show their FAU identification card.

Participation in the no-fee Owl Perks Program benefits your business in the following ways:

  • Increased Sales.  An increase in sales from new customers.
  • Competitive Edge. Owl Perks merchants are more visible and recognizable to FAU students, staff, faculty and alumni because of marketing on the Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, Alumni and Human Resources websites. Referrals are also one of the best ways to spread the good news about your business.
  • Integrity. Participating in Owl Perks means you are an Owl supporter. Students and parents alike will identify your business as being engaged with FAU and welcoming our students, faculty, staff and alumni through your discounts.
  • Reach. Owl Perks merchants have unparalleled access to FAU students, faculty, staff and alumni through the university’s professional marketing team, saving you thousands of dollars and broadening your market to college students.


Interested in becoming a part of the Owl Perks Program? If you would like to participate in this no-fee promotional program, register here.
Florida Atlantic University reserves the right to accept or decline any organization's participation in the Owl Perks Program.
For additional information contact:

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Owl Card Staff
Owl Card Faculty
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 Last Modified 5/23/18