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Florida Undergraduate Research Conference 

Abstract Deadline: January 11th, 2017

Event Dates:  February 24-25th, 2017

Undergraduate Research Symposium

Event Date:  March 30th, 2017

Latest News

Launch of the 2016 FAURJ

The Florida Atlantic University Undergraduate Research Journal (FAURJ) is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that is published annually. The FAURJ is published online and in print by OURI's student club, the Council for Scholarship and Inquiry (C.S.I.). Its missions are to showcase high quality undergraduate research in all fields, supply students with an idea of the standard of research, and promote inquiry-based activities at FAU. 

Faculty Information

Get Involved!

Volunteer to be a Judge at Annual Symposium

Megan Davies at the Summer Retreat

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (OURI) would like to ask your assistance to serve as a judge at one or all of the events at our annual symposium. If you are willing to serve as a judge, please complete the interest form located here.  Thank you in advance for your support of the Research and Inquiry initiatives here at FAU.  

Email ouri@fau.edu for more information on how to:

  • Volunteer to review Undergraduate Research Grants
  • Volunteer to review Undergraduate Research Journal Manuscripts 
  • Join an OURI Advisory Committee

Faculty Recognition

Faculty mentors play an integral role in the Undergraduate Research and Inquiry experience. This mentorship allows for the growth and development of young researchers to become successful in their respective areas.  In order to recognize the efforts of the amazing faculty who expand the undergraduate research initiative, OURI hosts an annual "Faculty Recognition Event" early spring to celebrate their contributions. 

Professional Development  

Distinction through Discovery Faculty Opportunities: Spring 2016

  • Designating your Course as Research Intensive:   April 4th, 2016.

Are you teaching an undergraduate course where students generate a tangible outcome recognizable as the product of research and inquiry, including the opportunity for students to communicate the design, method, and results of the inquiry? Come meet the Undergraduate Research Curriculum Committee (URCC), and hear about a new opportunity to have your course designated as research intensive (RI). The process for applying for RI designation will be discussed as well as the potential benefits for students and faculty. This informative session will be held on Monday April 4th, 2016 from 12:00-1:00 p.m. in EE 303. Videoconferencing will be available to Jupiter and Davie.

Resources from past workshops

Resources to support grant writing efforts- Feb. 24, 2016 workshop

Lower Division Course Initiatives

Faculty and staff teaching in the Freshman Learning Communities and Living Learning Communities program are encouraged to integrate research and inquiry components through the common SLS 1502 course, as well as through University Honors Program SLS 1501. For further information please contact us.

Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR)  

Obtain a FREE membership to the Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR).

Increase The Awareness

Encourage your students to participate in the following:

Submit your Undergraduate Students' Success

OURI wants to hear about your successes!  Has your student published an original work?  Have they presented at a conference, symposium, or exhibition?  Send OURI the student's name and contact information, a few sentences about their accomplishment, the faculty mentor's name and contact information, as well as a picture of the student (preferably in action).  Successes are included in the weekly announcements. 

Submit An Undergraduate Research Opportunity 

Each week OURI sends out an announcement to the mailing list with upcoming opportunities such as ways for undergraduates to get funded, attend presentations, conferences and workshops, events, and much more.  Faculty interested in submitting an undergraduate research opportunity, please email requests to ouri@fau.edu and include the following information:

  • Name and email of faculty mentor 
  • Name and email of graduate student (if appropriate) 
  • Project title 
  • Project description (2-3 line description of what the student will be doing) 
  • Start date and anticipated end date of project 
  • Student expectations/qualifications: e.g. course work prerequisites, instrumentation skills, time commitment. 
  • Deadline for applicants 
  • Application details: what you want from the student, e.g. CV, research experience, etc. 
  • web link or flyer with additional information (if available)

Please note: undergraduate students engaged in research projects may require additional research compliance training and certification.  For further information please visit the Division of Research website.  Additional research compliance information can be found here.

Previous announcements can be seen here.

Funding Opportunities 

All faculty funding opportunities can be seen on the funding page, including the Curriculum Grants Program, SURF, and more!

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