Survey Results

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Analysis has conducted, or served as conduit for, a number of surveys relating to the learning of FAU undergraduates.

          1.  National Survey of Student Engagement

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) surveys first-year and senior-year students on various topics relating to “engagement.” It was administered most recently in 2009-2010. Data can be broken down by college and major. Students are asked such things as: How often were you asked questions in class or contributed to class discussions?; How often did you participate in a community-based project (e.g., service learning) as part of a regular course?; How often did you discuss ideas from your readings or classes with faculty members outside of class?; How much has your coursework emphasized analyzing the basic elements of an idea, experience, or theory, such as examining a particular case or situation in depth and considering its components? A number of questions focus specifically on writing. IEA can provide NSSE data that compare the response rates of FAU students to the response rates of students at comparable institutions.

          2.  Student Satisfaction Survey

IEA administers the Student Satisfaction Survey every two years to FAU students, most recently in 2008-2009. Data can be broken down by college and major. The Survey measures student “satisfaction” in a number of areas, including satisfaction with the university overall, the quality of instruction, and the availability and quality of services.

          3.  Graduating Senior Survey

Administered yearly, the Graduating Senior Survey asks graduating seniors about their experiences at FAU: how well FAU prepared students for the job market or for graduate school, the quality of instruction and nature of interactions with faculty, the quality of advising, how well their FAU education contributed to their development in such areas as oral communication, writing, and critical thinking, etc.

 Last Modified 11/14/16