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Bridge to the Doctorate Fellowship Program

Deadline: Fall 2015

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Biology Research Assistants Wanted!

Dr. Rindy Anderson is looking for motivated students who are excited about field research to help in her research project, Behavioral Ecology and Acoustic Communication in Bachman’s Sparrow. If interested in this project, please email Dr. Anderson atrindy1@gmail.com describing why you are interested and what you hope to gain by being a part of it, include your major, any animal biology courses you have taken, GPA and your availability for Fall 2015 and Spring and Summer 2016.

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How to get started!

Melannie PinedaWe are so excited you are interested in getting involved in research and inquiry!  Here are a few ways to get you started:

  1. Come visit us in the office!  We are located in GS 209.  Any of our staff members would be happy to guide you!
  2. Review these documents for additional guidance:
  3. Join the Undergraduate Research & Inquiry Listserv
    • This listserv sends out periodic emails to interested students about upcoming undergraduate research and inquiry opportunities. If you would like to subscribe to this list, simply click Join the Listserv above!
  4. Attend an OURI Workshop!   Topics Include:
    • How to get Started in Research
    • Research Ethics
    • Conducting Literature Reviews
    • Preparing for graduate school
    • Creating an oral or poster presentation
  5. Join the  Council for Scholarship and Inquiry , registered student organization at FAU.
  6. Make an appointment with a  peer mentor , all are active researchers! Or share your research experience and become a mentor!
  7. Register for the  Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR)
    • Obtain a FREE membership to the Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR). All FAU faculty, staff and students now have access to free membership. To become a member begin by logging into myfau.fau.edu. Next, click on the "Student" tab, and follow the instructions to apply for membership.

Get Prepared!

There are a variety of course based opportunities in the different colleges. Some key ones are listed below:

FAU Opportunities

  • Honors in the Major:  Look for Honors programs within your discipline! Take research enriched courses and enhance your research and inquiry skills. 
  • Direct Independent Study (DIS):  Register for a DIS within your major. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members and also receive college credit.
  • Research enriched Courses:  The Distinction through Discovery supports faculty interested in integrating research and inquiry into the curriculum.  We provide a list of those courses and programs which are supported.  Courses supported by the Curriculum Grants Program.
  • Other College Specific Opportunities:  Consult with a faculty member and review the department website to learn more about additional opportunities. There may be additional internships, fellowships, and other opportunities available.

Summer Curricular Based Internship Opportunities

  • Semester by the Sea 2014  
    • Spend a “Semester by the Sea” (SBTS) at FAU’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in Fort Pierce, Florida on the shores of the Indian River Lagoon, one of the most biologically diverse estuaries in North America. 
  • FAU Jupiter Summer Science Experience 
    • The Jupiter Life Science Experience is an opportunity for students to enhance their education in the life sciences and research in the areas of neuroscience, cell and molecular biology and biotechnology while building partnerships with local research institutions and biotechnology companies.

Benefits of Participating in Undergraduate Research: Resources

The Benefits of Undergraduate Research: The Student’s Perspective- Penn State

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