Distinguished Mentor of the Year Award: 

2016 Distinguished Mentor of the Year Awardee:

Tobin Hindle, Ph.D. College of Science



Excellence in Undergraduate Research and Inquiry Mentorship

Faculty who serve as model mentors to their undergraduate students are eligible to receive the Distinguished Undergraduate Research and Inquiry Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year award.  Each year, one university-wide award will be given.  The Distinguished Undergraduate Research and Inquiry Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year will be recognized with a $2,500 award at the annual Honors Convocation. 

Eligibility and Criteria for Selection

  • Full time FAU faculty
  • Demonstrated engagement of mentorship of students in undergraduate research and inquiry (i.e. co-curricular, curricular, individual, or group student mentorship)


  • February 15 th  at 5:00 p.m.: Deans selection of College Nominee in the form of letter of support sent to OURI
  • February 20 th  College Nominees notified by OURI
  • March 6 th at 5:00 p.m.: College Nominee applications 
  • April 19 t Announcement of Distinguished Mentor at Honors Convocation 

Selections Process

Deans will be asked to nominate one candidate from their college to OURI. The nomination should be in the form of a formal letter of recommendation from the Dean.  Colleges can establish their own process for internal selection or nominations. College candidates will be notified of their nomination, and asked to submit an application to OURI.

Candidate Application

College Nominees will be asked to provide the following information through FluidReview

  1. A statement of undergraduate student mentorship philosophy (max 2 pages)
  2. The Faculty Survey of Student Research Accomplishments  
  3. A letter of support from an undergraduate student research mentee
  4. A current curriculum vitae outlining evidences of all undergraduate research and inquiry student involvement, including co-curricular student mentorship, curricular and other.

Final selection of the DMOY will be made by the College Faculty liaisons and student representatives from our Council For Scholarship and Inquiry, based on the application materials provided and the Dean’s letter of recommendation. 

Previous Distinguished Mentors

2016      Tobin Hindle, Ph.D. College of Science

2015      Daniel de Lill, Ph.D. College of Science 

2014      Daniel Meeroff, Ph.D. College of Engineering and Computer Science



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