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The Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (OURI) invite nominations for the 2018 Undergraduate Researcher of the Year awards.  Each year one student from every college will be selected for this award.  Students will be recognized at the annual Honors Convocation and receive a $500 stipend and an "Undergraduate Research Scholar" Stole to wear during their graduation ceremony *new in the 2019 year*. 

Nomination Deadline: February 1st, 2019





Eligibility. Students must:

  • have participated in at least two semesters of documented faculty-mentored undergraduate research and inquiry at FAU within the past calendar year
  • be an actively enrolled student at FAU during the semester the awards are given (Spring 2019) (Note: all research in 2018 must have been conducted as an undergraduate)
  • be in good academic standing at FAU

Applications and Review Process

  • All applications should be completed on FluidReview by February 1st, 2019
  • Applications must be complete to be considered (see application guidelines). Self-nominations are encouraged.
  • A committee consisting of faculty, staff, and students will select three student nominees from each college and forward them to the college deans for final selection.
  • College deans will be asked to select students for these awards based on student involvement in research, inquiry, or scholarly activities and submit the college awardee to OURI.
  • Selected Undergraduate Researchers of the Year will be recognized at the annual Honors Convocation in April.

FluidReview Video Tutorial


February 1st, 2019    Nominations and Applications due  
Mid-February, 2019    Names and applications of three nominees will be sent to college deans for selection  
March 1st, 2019    Names of final college awardees due to OURI from deans
April 19th, 2019    Announcement of Undergraduate Researchers of the Year at Honors Convocation 

Application Guidelines  

A complete application should include:

  1. Completed Online Nomination Form  
  2. Current resume or curriculum vitae of the student (Maximum 5 pages) including the following if applicable:   
    • Evidences of all undergraduate research and inquiry participation    
    • Evidences of research achievements.  This could include presentations, exhibitions, publications, competitions, awarded grants etc.  
  3. A letter of support from faculty research mentor.

 The evaluation is based on the quality and quantity of research conducted by the FAU student


2017 Undergraduates of the Year!

2018 uroys

(From Left to right:  Danielle Gordon,  Haley Katz,  Anna Riso,  Jessica Halle,  Kestride Estil,  Kira Wolak,  Vithulan Suthakaran,  Alexandra Miller)



Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters 
Awardee: Kira Wolak
Faculty Mentor: Oliver Buckton
College of Business 
Awardee: Danielle Gordon
Faculty Mentor: Allen Smith 
College for Design and Social Inquiry 
Awardee: Kestride Estil 
Faculty Mentor: Jean Martin Caldieron
College of Education 
Awardee: Jessica Halle
Faculty Mentor: Andy Khamoua
College of Engineering and Computer Science 
Awardee: Vithulan Suthakaran 
Faculty Mentor: Peng Yi
Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College 
Awardee: Anna Riso
Faculty Mentor: Julie Earles
Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine 
Awardee: Haley Katz 
Faculty Mentor: Mahyar Nouri-Shirazi
College of Nursing 
Awardee: Alexandra Miller
Faculty Mentor: Nancey France
Charles E. Schmidt College of Science 
Awardee: Andrea Hernandez
Faculty Mentor: Marianne Porter

Previous Undergraduates of the Year!

2017 Awardees

2016 Awardees

2015 Awardees

2014 Awardees

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