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Student Opportunity Center 

OURI is excited to launch Student Opportunity Center (S.O.C.)! S.O.C. is a one-stop-shop online database for undergraduate students to search for and connect with a variety of research opportunities as well as scholarships, internships, conferences, and publications at FAU and nationwide.


The S.O.C. database is free for FAU undergraduate students. Students can do a customized search based on their major, academic interests, or locality.

Follow the steps below to search for opportunities that are currently available by FAU faculty members.

  1. Sign into S.O.C.
  2. Search for and select Florida Atlantic University 
  3. Select the "Intern/CO-OP/Research" tab
  4. All FAU faculty members who are currently seeking undergraduate students will have their specific opportunity listed as "FAU Undergraduate Research Opportunity" followed by the opportunity title. For example, if Dr. X. is working on research relating to lung cancer and he is looking for an undergraduate student to work in his lab, his opportunity would be listed like this: FAU Undergraduate Research Opportunity: Lung Cancer. 


OURI encourages faculty members to utilize S.O.C. Faculty members are able to advertise specific student opportunities by having them listed on S.O.C. The database is a great recruiting tool because any listed opportunity will be linked to the FAU community page allowing for visibility to FAU undergraduate students.


Expand your experience within your field: Explore S.O.C.!


 Last Modified 11/14/16