Meet the 2016-2018 Faculty Liaisons 

The purpose of the College Faculty Liaison for Distinction through Discovery (DTD) is to serve as a coordinator for college efforts for the Distinction through DTD Research and Inquiry Initiative. One faculty member per college that serves undergraduate students will be selected by the DTD Faculty Professional Development Committee to serve in this capacity for 2 years (spring, summer, fall 2016-2018). The anticipated time commitment for this appointment is 3-5 hours per week, with most of the responsibilities taking place during the fall and spring semesters.


Sean Murray                                        

Faculty Member:  Sean Murray
Email address:
College:  Arts and Letters
Research Interests:    Music Perception and Cognition, Instrumental Pedagogy, and Teacher Training and Development.                                                     

A. Smith BUS  

Faculty Member:  Allen Smith
Email address:
College:  Business
Research Interests:  Developing and Marketing Innovative Products and Services, Brand Strategy and Brand Concepts, Marketing Strategy, Advertising Research and Creative Strategy, Marketing Environments and Futures Research Methodologies, and Business Models and Plans

 DIS liaison   Faculty Member:  Diana Mitsova
Email address:
College: Design and Social Inquiry
Research Interests: Geographic information systems, Spatial and Statistical Analysis, Sustainable Urban Planning, Impact of Urban Development on Ecosystems and other Environmentally sensitive areas
 S. Darling EDU   Faculty Member:  Sharon M. Darling
Email address:
College:  Education
Research Interests: Early childhood/Early childhood special education, Curriculum, Behavior, and addressing the needs of children and families with and without special needs within inclusive environments
 ENG_liaison   Faculty Member:  Daniel Meeroff          
Email address:
College:  Engineering    
Research Interests: Environmental Engineering, Solid Waste Management, Water Chemistry, Water/Wastewater Treatment Processes, Green Engineering
 HON_liaison   Faculty Member:  Julie Earles
Email address:
College:  Honors College             
Research Interests: cognitive aging, emotion, event representation, and equine assisted therapy.
M. Turkel NUR   Faculty Member:  Marian Turkel
Email address:
College:  Nursing
Research Interests: Exploring caring and the outcomes of caring within the practice setting on nurse, patient, and organizational outcomes, Re-admission of Super-Users to acute care hospital settings, and Professional practice environment in Magnet and non Magnet hospitals.
Faculty Member:  Tobin Hindle
Email address:
College:  Science
Research Interests: Human-Environmental Interactions, Ecological Regeneration, Strategies to integrate, Science, Society and Nature, Geographical Information Science, eLearning





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