Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to attend Orientation?

Yes, ALL new undergraduate students must complete orientation prior to starting at FAU. Your orientation experience is designed to help you with your transition to the FAU community. We're excited to have you here!

Freshman students, First-Time-In-College students, 2015 high school graduates, and lower-level transfers with less than 30 credits must attend a two-day Freshman Orientation program.

Students admitted as a Transfer student with 30 credits or more must attend Transfer Orientation, which is a one-day program that includes a meeting with your academic advising office.

Graduate students, students earning a second bachelor's degree, transient students, or non-degree seeking students are not required to complete orientation.


I attended an Open House/Campus Day/Campus Tour. Do I still need to attend orientation?

Yes! We are excited to have you attend your orientation session. Orientation is not the same as a campus visit or tour (although we do have tours at orientation.) The orientation program is required for all new students, so plan to attend.


Do I register for my classes at orientation?

Transfer students - Yes, you can register for your classes once all your holds have been removed.

Freshman students - You must complete OARS before registering for classes. This must be completed BEFORE attending orientation.


Can I bring a parent with me?

Yes! You can bring a parent/guest with you to your orientation. Just be sure to add them to your reservation.

 Last Modified 11/8/16