How we can help

The Ombuds office may be able to help you, if you need assistance with…

  • Problems with advisors
  • Disciplinary matters
  • Course conflicts
  • Grading conflicts
  • Health and safety concerns
  • Disputes about fees
  • Campus housing issues

Visiting the Ombuds office:

  • Have established processes and procedures failed?
  • Did you receive an explanation for the decision made?
  • Is the decision-making process stalled?
  • Are you not sure where to even start?

The role of the University Ombuds:

  • Works to solve problems as a neutral party
  • Works to allay frustration
  • Provide advice/guidance to those who requested it
  • Cannot change, set aside or supersede existing rules and regulations
  • May recommend policy or procedure changes
  • Listens carefully and enables examination of complicated situations
  • Mediates disputes, negotiations and facilitations
  • Coaching on effective conflict management or asking/responding to difficult questions
  • Shuttle diplomacy or serving as a go-between to resolve problems

What does the Ombuds do:

  • An Ombuds is a person whose function within an organization is to help solve problems.
  • An Ombuds works to promote  fairness of outcomes and is not as an advocate for individuals or the institution.
  • The University Ombuds assists students in addressing concerns that established processes and procedures have not resolved.
  • The Ombuds may offer guidance, recommendations, interpretation, and information-gathering.
 Last Modified 11/8/16