Cultural Club Advising
We believe that diversity includes appreciation and respect of differences in race and ethnicity; in gender and sexual orientation; in religious affiliation; in age and life experiences; in nationality and language; and in physical capabilities. Celebrating cultures and learning about others is a popular activity on a diverse campus such as FAU.
FAU students have access to a wide variety of clubs and organizations that are specifically designed to promote the importance of diversity as well as address the academic, social, professional, and living needs of underrepresented populations.
Below is a listing of some of the many student clubs and organizations at FAU:
Asian Student Union
Association of Latin American Students
Black Student Union
Caribbean Student Association
Konbit Kreyol
Muslim Student Organization
Native American Student Association
Calvary FAU Catch the Fire Ministries Disciples on Campus Special Interest
Dance of the Orient
Flamenco Club
German Club
Lambda United
For a complete listing of all active FAU Student Organizations, visit or the Student Involvement  office at .
 Last Modified 1/12/15