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2017 Summer Upgrades at the Jupiter Campus
Published Monday, August 7, 2017

As part of OIT’s refresh program, Northern Technology Services (OIT-NTS) has upgraded several e-classrooms, one videoconference classroom, and several computer lab facilities on the Jupiter Campus. The upgrades, which took place during the summer break, provided ten different facilities with better equipment and/or new technology. The upgrades will improve the learning environment for the students and professors who use those facilities. These upgrades are in accordance with Florida Atlantic University's Strategic Plan (Goal 5: Building a State-of-the-Art Information Technology Environment).

The upgrades allow users to use the technology in those facilities in a more seamless manner, thus enhancing the teaching and learning process. For example, the technology equipment added in several of the classrooms will accept different forms of inputs, switching between devices, visualizing brighter and larger text/images, among other improvements.

The following is a summary of the improvements:

e-Classrooms | AD-204, SR-258 & WB-105

WB-105 | Jupiter CampusEach of these classrooms received different types of upgrades, which included in some cases the addition of dual TV displays, new teaching podium, speakers, or an overall system re-configuration among other things. In summary, the following items were enhanced/replaced:

  • Teaching Station (streamline design)
  • Digital Media Presentation System (multiple digital input/output formats)
  • High lumens projector - 5500 Lumens (AD-204 and SR-258)
  • Dual TV displays (WD-105)
  • Larger projector screen - wide screen format (AD-204 and SR-258)
  • Desktop computer (robust processor, sold state drive, Windows)
  • 24” Touch screen monitor

Videoconference Classroom | SR-275

SR-275 | Jupiter CampusSeveral items were upgraded in this room, such as the wide-angle cameras, or the document camera. Besides that, a new lecture capture system was added to the classroom, and the videoconference system was reconfigurated. In summary, the following items were enhanced/replaced:

  • Dual TV displays
  • Digital media cards (input/output 4k cards)
  • Mediasite Join capture
  • Wide-angle presenter camera
  • Wide-angle student camera
  • 4K Compatible scalers
  • High-end document camera

Open Computer Labs | LB-105a

The machines in the Main Open Computer Lab (LB-105a) were upgraded with new SSD hard drives that will significantly improve their performance. Their operating system was also upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Additionally, a new TV display was added to the run to provide lab users with information about lab policies, instructions on how to operate the equipment, and information about other technology resources available.

AD-122 and LB-105a | Jupiter Campus

Instructional Computer Labs | HC-111, SR-278, & AD-122

Northern Technology Services also completed the software renovation of the Honors College instructional computer lab (AD-122). The dual boot Mac machines now have Sierra as the Mac operanting system and Windows 10 for the Windows side. The Mac side also has been upgraded with Adobe Creative Cloud Suite CC 2017. The other two instructional computer labs (HC-111 and SR-278) were upgraded with SSD drives, which will significantly improve the performance of those machines.

Conference Rooms | SR-123 & SR-147

Two conference facilities were upgraded during the break: SR-123 and SR-147. Skype for Business was added in both rooms. Skype for Business is a video conference software that allows video calls, IM, share of desktop screens, etc. Additionally, a Clickshare unit was also added to SR-147. Clickshre is a wireless presentation system that allows users to connect their devices (iPad, phones, laptops, etc.) the presentation display of the room.

SR-123 and SR-147 | Jupiter Campus

The Burrow Student Union | SR-151

OIT-NTS helped Student Life with the installation of a new 75" Samsung 4K DHR-pro resolution TV. This display entertaiment center was added in the gaming/social area of the Burrow. It will provide the students with a high resolution TV, where they can enjoy TV shows, as well as video games.

For more information about the e-classrooms or the videoconference classroom upgrades, or if you would like training on how to use the equipment, please contact Marc Verdieu , OIT-NTS Coordinator of Media/AV Services at extension 561-799-8413. For more information about the open computer labs upgrades, please contact Mike Hampton , OIT-NTS Consulting & Computer Lab Manager, at 561-799-8659.

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