About MyFAU

MyFAU is the University’s web portal, web-based tool that provides centralized access to e-mail, calendars, administrative services and classroom tools, and information. With a single username and password you will gain access to all these services and more. In addition nearly every screen of information is fully customizable. You choose what you want to see and where you want to see it, making MyFAU a personalized portal to your unique needs at FAU.

To access MyFAU, use a web browser to go to http://myfau.fau.edu. Log in with your FAUNetID and password.

MyFAU Features

Once you have logged into MyFAU you will have direct access to your email. Students get access to Owl Mail and faculty & staff will have access to Exchange Web.

The calendar feature of MyFAU will be removed at the end of Spring 2014. Students should use the Owl Apps (Google) calendar and Faculty & Staff have access to their Exchange calendar.

Groups feature will be unavailable after Spring 2014. We highly encourage students to use the Owl Apps features for group collaboration and Faculty & Staff should use Sharepoint . Also for Course Tools, faculty are highly encouraged to use Blackboard.

Customizable Information Channels
MyFAU contains many channels that contain not only FAU information, but also information from around the world on a wide range of subjects. You can add channels to your MyFAU pages that match your interest and needs.

Self Service Access
MyFAU has the functionality to log you into the new Self-Service automatically. 


Configure your E-mail on your Mobile Devices



 Last Modified 11/8/16