Sound Improvements in Six Fort Lauderdale Rooms
Broward Computing Services News | Published Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Amplifier and microphone jackIn an effort to constantly improve our teaching facilities, OIT-BCS has recently installed ceiling-mounted speakers and amplifiers in several rooms in the Fort Lauderdale campus. More specifically, HEC-908, HEC-910, HEC-911, HEC-914, HEC-918, and AT-826, were upgraded with state-of-the-art equipment.

Four ceiling-mounted speakers were installed in each room, which provide excellent sound for all the devices available at the multimedia workstation, available at the front of the room. Users will now enjoy computer presentations or DVD movies with full sound.

Ceiling-mounted speakerFurthermore, microphone jacks were also installed in the multimedia workstation desks, which allow us to connect them to the speakers for presentations with larger groups.

Instructions on how to use the equipment are available in the multimedia workstations desks. Nevertheless, OIT-BCS staff will be happy to provide one-one-one tutorials on how to use the equipment. If you want to request a tutorial, please contact Matt Canavan, Technical Services Manager.