New E-Classroom Labs and VC Facilities in Davie
Broward Computing Services News | Published Thursday, January 20, 2011

Davie West 108The expansion that the Davie Campus experienced with the addition of the new Davie West building included the addition of several e-classrooms and videoconference facilities.

The new building has four e-classrooms and two videoconference rooms with the latest technology. Each new e-classroom has two screens, which allows faculty to show different materials at the same time. All four rooms have the standard OIT configurations, which include document cameras, Blue-ray DVD players, and Sympodium systems. One of the rooms, DW-103, is a 100-seat tier classroom, making it one of the biggest classrooms on campus. Click here to learn more about the e-classrooms' control panel system.

Davie West 107

Davie West 103

The new building has two rooms with videoconference facilities. DW-108 is a general-use VC room with tracking cameras that follow the professor around the front of the room, as well as flat screen TVs and projectors that will enhance the learning experience of both faculty and students. The building also has a college-specific VC facility, DW-421.

Davie West 108

Davie West 421

For more information about these facilities, or if you would like to be trained on how to use the equipment, contact OIT-BCS Learning Resources at or at extension 6-1124.