Get Wireless Easily for all Your Devices
Broward Computing Services News | Published Friday, August 13, 2010

WirelessGreat news! Students, faculty, and staff at the Davie campus will get access to the new faubeta wireless network before other FAU campuses.

Starting this week, you can connect your devices to the FAU wireless network without having to enter your username and password repeatedly!

Click here, for instructions on how to register your wireless devices such as laptops, smart phones, or even gaming consoles.

After a brief trial phase, this device registration system will replace the authentication system currently used on the fau wireless network. At that point, if you have already registered your device on faubeta you will be able to use the fau network just as you had used faubeta, without re-registering.

If you had not used faubeta, after the device registration system is enabled for the fau wireless network, you will need to register your device the first time you connect.

After the trial phase, if you do not want to register a device you may select the fauguest network and log in with your FAUNet ID and password. We are not requiring all devices to be registered, only those you wish.