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Classroom and Lab Upgrades
Broward Technology Services News | Published Monday, January 25, 2010

ETS StationDuring this past holiday break, OIT-BCS has continued to upgrade classrooms and computer labs on the Broward campuses.

As you start this Spring 2010 semester, you will find several new facilities and a few upgraded ones that should create a more comfortable teaching and learning experience for students and faculty:

  • ES-105 Instructional Computer Classroom (Davie Campus): The layout of this lab was completely redesigned to accommodate a total of 35 students. A new teaching station with the latest technology, including a Symposium system, was added, together with a new Smart White Board, projection and sound system, and new computers.

  • LA-445, LA-447, and ES-254 E-Classrooms (Davie Campus): These three facilities, which were added to the general classroom pool during the Fall 2009 semester, were transformed into top-of-the-line e-classrooms. White boards, projection systems, sound systems, and new teaching stations with the latest technology were added.

  • AT-826 and HEC-608 Instructional Computer Classrooms (Fort Lauderdale Campus): We increased the memory capacity of all the machines at these locations. The memory was upgraded from 1 GB to 4 GB for AT-826 machines and from 1 GB to 2 GB for HEC-608 machines.


For more information about the instructional computer classrooms/labs, please contact the Computer Lab Manager, JunJie Hu (Davie Campus), or Joe Sher (Fort Lauderdale Campus). For more information about these e-classrooms, or for an orientation on how to use the equipment, please contact OIT-BCS Learning Resources Manager, Ewart Borland, at extension 6-1124.

ES-245 & Creston Control System