Davie Technical Services Moves
Broward Computing Services News | Published Friday, May 22, 2009

Technical Services LA-325The Davie campus Technical Services group has moved its office from LA-303E to LA-325.

This much needed change was possible thanks to the support of the Broward Campus Vice President s Office, who provided us with our new location. More specifically, we are grateful to Dr. Joyanne Stephens, Vice President for Regional Campuses, and Kathy Hallett, Director of Administrative Programs.

The new location offers a larger space to Technical Services and a better working environment for our staff.

Technical Services provides centralized, in-house maintenance and support of desktop computing needs. This group is in charge of hardware and software maintenance, system integration, new and upgraded equipment set-ups, configurations, and installations, among other things.

Technical Services old office in LA-303E
Technical Services new office in LA-325