Instructional Computer Labs Upgraded for the Summer
Broward Computing Services News | Published Friday, May 15, 2009

Dell optiplex 960 & SympodiumAs part of OIT's refresh program, OIT-BCS has upgraded several instructional computer labs on the Davie Campus.

The upgrades, which took place during the week-long university break between the Spring and Summer semesters, provided four classrooms with better equipment and/or new technology.

The following is a summary of the improvements.

LA-303D: The PCs in this instructional computer lab were replaced with the latest Dell model (Optiplex 960) and the room capacity was increased by two seats. The classroom now has 43 brand-new computers. The Optiplex 960 has 2 GB of memory, 160 GB of hard drive, and a 3.0 Core 2 Dual processor.


LA-303G & LA-340: Memory and computer video cards were upgraded in these classrooms. The machines, which used to have 1 GB of memory, now have 3 GB. This will significantly improve performance of the machines.

Other Upgrades: New ultra-bright Epson projectors were installed in LA-303D, LA-303F, and LA-303G by our staff, together with speakers to improve the quality of the sound. Sympodiums were also added to the instructor's desks in LA-303D, LA-303F, and LA-303G.

LA-303D | BCS staff setting up LA-303D | LA-303G

Sympodium Demo The Sympodium is a new product, similar to an interactive whiteboard. The instructor uses an interactive pen on the Sympodium monitor to write and control the presentation.

The Sympodium system allows the instructor to write over any presentation in digital ink, highlight concepts, and add notes.

The students see the instructor's writing projected onto a large screen as he/she delivers prepared or impromptu material. You can view a demo of the system at

For more information about the instructional computer labs, or on how to use any of the equipment available within the labs, please contact the Computer Lab Manager, JunJie Hu, at