OIT-BCS Develops Broward’s Sustainability Web Site
Broward Computing Services News | Published Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sustainability Web site Broward campuses has joined the university’s Mission Green campaign with different initiatives across the Davie and Fort Lauderdale campuses. This campaign has as its objective to create a culture of sustainability at Florida Atlantic University, in an effort to educate the entire FAU community to be aware of, involved with, and committed to advancing sustainability through instructional programs, operations and community engagement.

As a way to inform the Broward community, and the university as a whole, OIT-BCS has developed a Sustainability Web site for the Broward campuses. The Web site highlights the projects currently taking place in our campuses in a user-friendly way, and also provides links to other university sustainability resources. Furthermore, the Web site features videos of key players explaining the different endeavors that are taking place.

Additionally, and as part of the sustainability initiative, OIT-BCS is participating in Broward’s Recycle program, and has implemented a few projects to save energy. One of them is the installation of an e-control system that allows the control of the classroom projectors centrally, thus permitting the overall shut down when equipment is not use at a particular time. Similarly, all the machines in the open lab and instructional computer classrooms are automatically shut down when classes are over.

If you want to learn more about OIT-BCS initiatives, please contact our sustainability representative Keith Adderley at keith@fau.edu, or Broward’s sustainability representative, Reid Morgan at rmorgan@fau.edu.