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OIT-BCS Staff Recognized in Broward
Broward Technology Services News | Published Thursday, April 17, 2008

President Brogan, Melvin Joseph, and Joe SherLast week, FAU's Broward campuses had its annual Spring Luncheon with FAU’s president, Frank T. Brogan.

During the event, several outstanding employees were recognized by Dr. Stephens, Vice President of FAU Broward campuses, for their extraordinary work. Among the honorees, two OIT-BCS staff members were recognized: Melvin Joseph and Joe Sher.

Melvin works in OIT-BCS' Technical Services in the Davie campus as a Computer Technician, and Joe works in OIT-BCS' computer lab in the Fort Lauderdale campus as a Computer Lab Manager.

Dr. Stephens, Vice President of FAU Broward campuses, Melvin Joseph, President Brogan, and Joe Sher

Both, Melvin and Joe, exemplify the best customer service characteristics of an OIT-BCS employee. President Brogan presented each of them with an award in the shape of dumbells, thanking them for always pulling their weight to support the institution.

Congratulations to both of them. OIT-BCS is very proud of both of you!