OIT-BCS Develops a Computer Concierge for Fort Lauderdale
Broward Computing Services News | Published Friday, August 15, 2008

Computer ConciergeThe Cashier, Admissions, and the Registrar no longer have an office in the Fort Lauderdale campus. In an effort to help these offices to maintain a presence there, OIT-BCS created an online interactive Computer Concierge system for the Fort Lauderdale campus.

The Computer Concierge system is located in the Askew Tower lobby. It was designed to provide the same services that the students enjoyed in the past, but through online technology.

The system has a video and text chats that will allow users to communicate with the personnel of any of the previously mentioned offices. In addition to the chats, the computer is connected to a high quality scanner and networked printer so documents can be sent to, or from, the Concierge.

Furthermore, there is a locked intercampus mailbox at the security desk, where documents can be mailed directly to the Davie campus, as well as an access to a network drive option for sharing documents. The area also has a telephone that is available for inter-campus use.

For more information about the Computer Concierge, please contact Alberto Fernandez, Director of OIT's Broward Technology Services.